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dog training

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About Jillybeanz

Hey I am Jill and I love animals and training them. I am especially fond of dog training. Most people don't know that it is actually easier to train cats. I am also all about bowling with my friends. I am a former acne suffer. I had horrible acne until I tried a holistic acne treatment. The acne treatment that I use didn't work in three days or even overnight but it does actually work. I am free to live the life that I was missing because of acne now.


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B.U.D.D.I.E.S. Inc. Needs help to re open

B.U.D.D.I.E.S. Inc. Independent All Breed NO KILL Dog Rescue

    We were forced to close our doors in early 2006 as a direct result of a financial hardship caused by the distruction of two hurricanes in 2004. We are now on the vurge of a comeback. But will not be able to do so without the financial help we need. We have leased a stable piece of property and need the funding to erect structures and proper kenneling facilities. From Sept, 2004 to Aug, 2005 as an independent facility without outside funding we can boast a whopping 1,143 dogs saved and successfully adopted. With proper financial backing, we could easily break this record. We specialize in dogs that most people would call hopeless. We offer sanctuary and a safe haven to every dog rescued despite Breed, Age, Disability, Disposition, and we also accept dogs with anti-social, aggressive, dominant behaviors, and bite histories.

Call: (941) 322-1921   email:

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Devil Dog  

Dog Training Facility Start up Aid

I need grant money to start up a dog training/doggie daycare & supplies facility. I am a single, divorced mother. I currently work fulltime as a self employed Dog Trainer since 1998. I work 6 days a week at this job, all year long. I am well known in my area for my work experience.

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Devil Dog  

Devil Dog

I have a home based dog training small business since 1998, I would like to expand into a facility & expand my services to offer Doggie Daycare, & Training & sell supplies in 1 facility. I need grant money to obtain a building. I have references from Veternarians, & Local Humane Societies, & Rescue organizations for references on my work ethics & experiences. I do this as a full time living, 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year for the last 8 years. No vacations! I currently hold Basic Obedience & Basic Agility Group Classes at various locations all year long. This could be held more frequently, in addition to my private "at home" lessons I offer also, if I had a building! This would increase clients & income. I teach "Show Handling" also. All breeds of dogs are welcomed. I specialize in "Behavior Problems" such as aggressiveness, Submissive/Fear based problems, children & dog problems, & new ownership problems. I have a casual, relaxed attitude , which makes my group classes well attented everytime. Many people return to my classes 3 or more times. My group Classes have 0-2 dropouts out of classes of 20-28 enrollees. Good stats! Take the "DEVIL" Out Of Your Dog! Because, "SIT" HAPPENS! That is my motto!
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